Hedge Cutting

Hedge Cutting Services in South Wales

Give yourself space and allow for more natural light with our professional and effective hedge cutting and trimming services

Hedges can be just as important as trees, but need regular maintenance. Beatrice is a wizard with a trimmer, an expert when it comes to bringing everything back into line!

But that’s not always all a hedge needs, maybe you wish to remove a section of unwanted bush and replant with something else. Lady Landscapes can help you with that.

Did you know there’s also something called a hedge reduction?

Usually advised for bigger hedges that need to be reduced by 30-40%, this is great if you want to let more light into a space and for structural purposes.

Contact us and we can help provide you with a quote for the hedge trimming service that is right for you.

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The Benefits of Hedges

Hedges and shrubs are assets in any garden. Besides being functional, they enhance the attractiveness of your property. While defining boundaries, they also offer privacy and effective protection from wind and noise. Let Lady Landscapes look after your hedges perfectly with our expert, year-round shrub pruning and hedge trimming services keeping your greenery looking at their best. It’s important to have us trim your plants regularly saving you money but also to keep them healthy.

Case study

Mrs. Johnson from Llanelli wanted a beautiful green lawn but didn’t know where to start. She decided on grass, but there were still many factors to consider. She hired Lady Landscapes who helped her choose the right grass and properly prepare the soil by removing debris and adding fertiliser. Mrs. Johnson followed the our watering and maintenance instructions, resulting in a lush, beautiful lawn in a few weeks.