Garden Lawn Turf Laying Services in South Wales

High-quality lawn turf, expertly laid and maintained by your local experts

If you are creating a new garden from scratch or turning a neglected plot of land into a valuable green space to enhance your property, let Lady Landscapes do the heavy lifting for you.

We provide domestic and commercial turfing and we would love to help you with your project whatever the size and condition of your ground area.

There is a current trend to use artificial turf as the best way to keep your lawn looking good all year round. However artificial grass can become bleached by the sun over time and then you will have to re-turf your lawn again!

Real grass turf, cared for properly, will look natural, lush and verdant all year. We also offer on-going lawn maintenance programmes so that your new lawn will always look its best.

Find out more about our turf laying services below.

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Why choose turf over artificial grass?

If you’re trying to be as eco-friendly as you can be then, then natural grass is far better for the environment. It produces oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, absorbs water to contribute to a reduction in runoff, and also becomes a natural habitat for wildlife.

  • To absorb rainfall
  • Reduce run-off
  • Enhance your outdoor space
  • Easy to maintain
  • Ideal for children and pets

Case study

Mrs. Johnson from Llanelli wanted a beautiful green lawn but didn’t know where to start. She decided on grass, but there were still many factors to consider. She hired Lady Landscapes who helped her choose the right grass and properly prepare the soil by removing debris and adding fertiliser. Mrs. Johnson followed the our watering and maintenance instructions, resulting in a lush, beautiful lawn in a few weeks.